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What should I know to offer my property at Casas Tropicales?

If you have a country house, apartment or finca that you would like to offer for rent through Casas Tropicales, we would like to receive more detailed information to analyze if it has the right qualities to be a Casas Tropicales property.

On the Casas Tropicales website, we show your property in a way that is true to reality. Our website is in English and Spanish, with professional high resolution and quality photos, and prices in Colombian pesos. Each property includes a description, photos and videos, a list of amenities and the layout of the bedrooms and bathrooms.

We offer you the possibility of renting your house for periods of nights, weeks and months to a clientele previously studied and chosen by us.

You can contact us via email at or at our offices: Cra. 5A 35-11 Bogotá D.C. Colombia Tel: (1) 338 0209 Cels: 57 311-810-5115 / 312-317-0595 / 311-810-3888

Once we have complete information about your property, we will contact you to let you know if it is suitable for Casas Tropicales.

The information we will need:

  • Property name and location (with Google Maps or Waze coordinates, if possible).
  • R.N.T. (Registro Nacional de Turismo, certification number and copy of the certification).
  • M2 of lot and construction.
  • Guest capacity.
  • Number of rooms.
  • Number of bathrooms.
  • Parking capacity.
  • Amenities: TV, DVD, stereo, washer/dryer, dishwasher, wifi, among others.
  • Other attractions such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, tennis court, BBQ, proximity to a tourist area, etc.
  • Air conditioning, ventilation, heating.
  • Domestic service.
  • Is the property located in a condominium or private club?
  • VERY IMPORTANT: High resolution photos (minimum 180 pixels), including the social area, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and gardens.

Once we have agreed to publish your house in Casas Tropicales, we will establish the conditions of our alliance: 

According to Decree No. 2119 of Nov. 15, 2018 of the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, each property dedicated to receive tourists should have its own R.N.T. (National Tourism Registry) in order to be marketed (Article No. We have included a link to the Ministry's website for your consultation: DECREE NO.2119

Please refer to Decree. No. 2063 of Nov. 1, 1028 of the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism regarding registration, parafiscal contributions and general requirements: DECREE NO. 2063

This service is available online. Please consult the link to the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism website, CLICK HERE

At Casas Tropicales we charge a one-time membership fee of USD $ 200.00 dollars, paid before the inspection visit by an official of Casas Tropicales (This value may change without prior notice). Includes: photos and videos of the property facilities; advice with the inventory and the domestic service; publication of the same in our portal,

The first steps to offer your home on our portal:

  • Appointment at our offices to explain our protocols and review the terms of our alliance (including our mandate agreement, lease agreement and sales agreement).
  • We request additional important information about the property.
  • A visit to your home to establish the actual condition of the property and take promotional photos (at no additional cost to the owner).
  • Evaluation with inventory requirements.
  • Assessment and advice on the proper handling of domestic service personnel and instructions for assisting a client of Casas Tropicales.
  • The mounting of the property on our portal, including the verification and approval of the information published on behalf of the owner.
  • We ask for the management of your property in the other international portals including AirBnB.
  • First web promotion of the property to thousands of our clients.

Some important issues to keep in mind between the owner and Casas Tropicales:

  • Remuneration: Casas Tropicales works with each owner to establish rental rates. The listing rates on our website are set according to our criteria, and may change without notice. We charge a minimum commission of 20% on the negotiated rate published on our website.
  • Casas Tropicales charges and declares 19% V.A.T. on our profits.
  • Any additional costs for services not included in the rental price.
  • Minimum and maximum stay (if applicable).
  • Payment methods and costs.
  • We manage two different price structures, High Season and Low Season. High Season: from December 15 to January 15, Easter, June, July, long weekends and holidays (according to the Colombian calendar), October vacation week. Low Season: all other times of the year.
  • Maximum number of guests allowed inside the property.
  • We are proud to offer each owner of Casas Tropicales special and personalized attention, taking into account the specific needs and preferences of each person and property.

It is important to Casas Tropicales that you feel comfortable, well taken care of and satisfied with the management and marketing of your property.




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