Responsible: Casas Tropicales - La Rivera de Santa Fe SASidentified with NIT 900.852.805-2 with domicile in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, Cra 5A N. 31-11, (+57) 3123170595.

Date of current version: September 2022.

In the natural exercise of its activities, Casas Tropicales may collect, use and process personal data of the members of its community, meaning customers, natural market, prospects and owners (hereinafter referred to as USERS).

In addition to the information concerning the members of the community, the personal information of former employees, guests, suppliers and visitors may be part of such databases under the same terms set forth in this policy, which, for the purposes of this document, are also understood as USERS.

The use, collection, processing and purpose of the personal data in the databases of Casas Tropicales will be subject to the following policies:

1. Databases, or the various types of electronic repositories, are intellectual creations subject to copyright protection. Casas Tropicales is the owner of the databases it uses, for which it is fully subject to the rules on personal data protection and Habeas Data. Consequently, Casas Tropicales is the owner of the databases it uses, Casas Tropicalesas responsible for the processing, will not provide the same to third parties except in cases authorized by the Owner and as set forth in paragraph 9 of this policy.

2. The purpose for the collection, use and processing of personal data referred to in this policy is the proper management, administration, improvement of the activities and various services of Casas TropicalesThe purpose of the collection, use and processing of personal data referred to in this policy is the proper management, administration, improvement of activities and various services of Casas Tropicales, internal processes, statistics, quantitative and qualitative analysis of activities, among others that are of interest to the organization. It may also refer to the offering of new products or improvement of existing ones, offered by Casas Tropicales or by third parties related to its purpose.

3. By authorizing the collection of personal data, through the implementation of data collection forms or sending them through any other means, USERS declare to fully and unreservedly accept the incorporation of the data provided and their treatment, under the terms stipulated in this policy.

4. The databases in which the information of the owners is included will have a validity equal to the time in which the information is maintained and used for the purposes described in this policy, and determined by the ongoing operation of Casas TropicalesLikewise, the personal data provided will also be kept as long as the contractual relationship with the owner of the information is maintained.

5. The USERS are solely responsible for the information provided to Casas Tropicales. Casas Tropicales is completely current, accurate and truthful and acknowledge their obligation to keep it updated. In any case, the USERS are solely responsible for any false or inaccurate information they provide and for any damages it causes or may cause to Casas Tropicale. Casas Tropicales or third parties for the use of such information.

6. The USER acknowledges that the entry of personal information is done voluntarily and accepts that through any procedure, through the channels enabled for it by Casas Tropicales6. The USER acknowledges that personal data may be collected through the channels provided by Casas Tropicales, which will not be disclosed to third parties without his/her consent, unless it is, according to the law, information required by a public or administrative entity in the exercise of its legal functions or by court order.

7. By providing personal data, the USER fully accepts the forwarding of promotional or commercial information related to the Object of Casas Tropicales. USERS may exercise, at any time, the right to access, update, rectify and delete their personal data, as well as the right to revoke the authorization granted to Casas Tropicales. Casas Tropicales and exercise any other right derived from or related to the protection of personal data (habeas data).

8. Regarding the sensitive data collected by Casas Tropicales Casas Tropicales understood as those that may affect the privacy of the Holder or whose improper use may generate discrimination, such as those that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious or philosophical convictions, membership in trade unions, social organizations, human rights or that promote the interests of any political party or that guarantee the rights and guarantees of opposition political parties as well as data relating to health, sex life and biometric data; the holder shall have the right to refrain from providing the requested information.

9. In the case of services contracted in the cloud, Casas Tropicales will make its best technical efforts to ensure that such service provides adequate data protection, that it is provided by professionals in the area and has the technological mechanisms that reasonably guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information.

10. While browsing the website of Casas Tropicaleswebsite, cookies may be placed on users' browsers in order to understand user preferences and present advertisements on other sites, based on previous interaction with the official website. Cookies do not collect any personal information such as name, email address, postal address, telephone number or address. If users do not want cookies to be stored on their computers, they can be turned off in their browser.

11. The databases will be housed in the data center of Casas Tropicales in the form of cloud computing services provided by third party experts professionally dedicated to this activity. We have human and technological resources to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information and our databases. Copies of the databases are also controlled and protected with security mechanisms that guarantee their confidentiality, integrity and availability. Their use is limited and restricted to personnel authorized by those responsible for the databases and in accordance with their functions and roles. The USER acknowledges that the administration of the databases may involve a level of risk, which he/she assumes and accepts and, therefore, Casas Tropicales does not grant any warranty or assume any obligation or liability for loss or theft of information from its computer system.

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General Manager
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